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Ecologically minded, Mo Ryan spends a considerable amount of time at the ocean. She is fascinated with water and movement and is inspired by personal experiences with natural elements. Recycled Water- Bottoms Up, made from plastic beverage containers, makes beautiful that which is thoughtlessly cast away.

Recycled Water - Bottoms Up: Plastic Beverage Containers, May 2006


Ryan created The Journey to reflect the idea of water movement caused by a stone skipping across its surface. The Journey measures 40 feet from end to end and is made of fiberglas resin. The seven concentric rings are connected to one another by strong fishing line for ease of movement in the water. The smallest ring is anchored while all of the rings are free to move with the wind and water movement.


The Journey: Fiberglas Resin, Nov. 2005


Flow: Apple Plywood, Dec. 2004



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